Tuesday, April 22, 2014

OPI Sheer Tints Earth/Birthday Mani

Hi all! A quick post to show you my Earth Day/Birthday Mani :)) My first time ever using the OPI Sheer Tints...yikes! What a stringy mess!!! But alas..it turned out well in the end. Hopefully they can come up with a better formulation and more colors.. because even though they're messy the outcome is worth it. Looking forward to buying some Glaze polish' from Mentality Polish..they said theirs are not stringy so looking forward to trying them out!!
Base: OPI My Vampire is Buff
Stamp: MoYou Pro CollectionXL-10
Dotted on: (Sheer Tints) OPI Be Magentale With Me, Don't Violet Me Down, I Can Teal You Like Me and Models Own Indian Ocean
On with the pics...as always enlarge them!

 First 3 pics are taken in front of my back door..no sun to speak of as usual. The bottom pic shows a touch of the sparkle from Indian Ocean that's so much more prominent in person.

 Two bottom pics are outside in very dull lighting...no sun here :/

 And had to share this last one...doggie is photo bombing :)
Well I hope you all have a wonderful Earth Day :)) Any questions...don't hesitate to ask!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

piCture pOlish gravity

Hi people! Happy Saturday for all of you 9-5'ers! I have one of the new LE piCture pOlish shades today to show off...gravity and she's mighty pretty! It's actually not one I thought i'd love but I sooo do! It catches my attention constantly...I stare at my hands more then when I was wearing the aurora/borealis mani last week! It flashes from blue to a really pretty magenta/purple..LOVE it! I also didn't layer over black but used OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number...another great color!! If you love blue..snatch this polish up! No issues with formula for either polish.
Base:OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number (2coats)
Layered: piCture pOlish gravity
Stamped: MoYou Pro Collection-03
As always make sure to enlarge the photos :)

Well...what do you think? Were you lucky enough to snatch up some of these limited edition polish'? I LOVE both of these polish'...sorry, wish I had taken a pic of Miss Piggy's Big Number too :( Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Nails with MoYou and OPI Brazil Collection

Hi everyone! Today I have my entry for Nail Polish Canada's Easter Nail Art Competition. Someone says the word contest and I get all excited...then I start to freak myself out trying to come up with something awesome. I didn't do that this time...in fact i'm not even sure I like this design myself! lol But then i'm super hard on myself ;) So enough babbling...on with the mani!
Base: OPI My Vampire is Buff
Sponged: OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian & I Just Can't Cope-Acabana
Layered: Glitter Gal Galaxy Holo Topcoat
Stamped: MoYou Pro Collection-03
Dotted: Sally Hansen ID-Brisk Blue, OPI I Just Can't Cope-Acabana & Orly Miss Conduct
I'll show the progression..it was a few steps as I wasn't totally sure what I was doing! As always...remember to enlarge photos :)

 I wasn't sure how I felt about adding the pink in the stripe...was hoping it wasn't too much.

 This image was spot on in my opinion! That's so something I would've drawn on an egg!
So I hope you like it more than I do..lol! And if you really like it...throw it a vote! Have a fabulous day :)
And thanks to Nail Polish Canada for inviting me to join the contest (I whined a bit last time when I didn't get an email..lol). They're a fab place to shop...I know i've spent far too much money there ;)

Friday, April 4, 2014

piCture pOlish aurora and borealis

Hi everybody! Yesterday I got nail mail from my Mom for an early B-day present...she bought me ALL of the piCture pOlish LE polish'!!!!! OMG best gift EVER!!! Thanks Mom<3
So I did a mani with Aurora and Borealis (it's sooooo hard for me NOT to capitalize them..lol) layered over Spa Ritual Hugs..an awesome blackened purple creme that was almost opaque in 1 coat..it likely wasn't because of my application.
VERY PICTURE HEAVY!! As always please remember to enlarge photos :)
 For all these pics Borealis is on your left and Aurora is on the right. I used striping tape.

 OMG...just LOOK at these two! Drool...
 The above pic is the only one I edited and all I did was miniaturize..no change in color.
 The above pic was taken in my shower..for some reason  it takes crazy nice pics in there...minus the lobster fingers of course.

 These bottom two pics are of my left hand...for some reason as I was typing away I just kept seeing all this awesome color shift ONLY on this hand...strange. Just while typing though...lol.

 And the bottom two are of Spa Ritual Hugs..great color!

These are meant for layering..and they suggest black but I know in the future i'll be trying them on many different colors. Application was great and dry time was normal. I will be doing a comparison of Ninja Polish Alexandrite and Aurora for anyone that's interested but I might just post that on my FB account.
Hope you enjoyed :) Bye for now.....