Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spa Ritual Sea Glass & Stamping With MoYou

Hi everyone! I have a new post to end the weekend. I did this a couple days ago but didn't get a chance to held up perfectly fine...NO tip wear at all. Spa Ritual's new Summer 2014 Drift Collection has hit IBS and I snatched up Sea Glass and Barefoot. The other 3 were cremes and although they were very pretty I thought I probably had something similar in my collection.
The formula on Sea Glass was flawless, applied like butter. I used four coats but you could easily just do three or even layer but I have to say that it's one of those times when I don't mind the multiple coats...doubt you will either. It reminded me of Butter London's Knackered but built to opacity better and was also more shimmery. This is a gorgeous color and that's the perfect name for this polish..I personally think of mermaids due to the color shifting. It has an amazing pink/green duochrome...just stunning. It's not shy about it either. Once I stamped over it I was actually's the kind of polish that's so pretty you just need to enjoy it solo. You can also feel good about buying Spa Ritual because they're 5 free and Vegan. You can purchase them at Nail Polish Canada..and at Spa On with the pics! And as always...don't forget to enlarge the photos :)

 I stamped with MoYou Suki Collection-06 and Spa Ritual Hugs, a deep purple creme.
 Two above pics are in natural direct sun. The bottom was taken in my! As I was showering I couldn't get over how crazy the duochrome was so I had to grab my iphone and snap a few pics! Please excuse the lobster's not color accurate as it leans way more green than it is.
 All the pics below are in natual lighting with no direct sun. I find with duochromes that they actually seem to favor the shade. And no editing :) I try my hardest to capture the color naturally so you know what you're buying if you so choose. All the pics..except my shower one, are color accurate.

So what do you think of Sea Glass? I'm so glad I purchased it, it's absolutely stunning <3<3<3
Hope you've all had a great weekend! Bye for now :) Check out the link below for more info on this brand and the philosophy behind the brand...I'm impressed! All you have to tell me is earth friendly and i'm in! :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

OPI Brazil Collection Spring Mani

Hi all! I have a quick post for you today for the first day of Spring! It's snowing today after a week of it's sucks to be here, oh well! That's why I decided to brighten it up with four of OPI's bright beauties from the Brazil Collection.
For this mani I started out with a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff. Then sponged on (from top to bottom on the sponge) I Just Can't Cope-Acabana, Where Did Suzi's Man-Go?, Toucan Do it if You Try and Kiss Me I'm Brazilian. I can't comment on formula as I just sponged them but I heard they're great and they sure didn't seem thick. Then I stamped with MoYou Pro Collection-11 and Wet'n'Wild Black Creme. I especially loved the pointer and pinky nails..LOVE that image so very much!! I ordered three plates from MoYou and I will certainly be buying more in the near future! It took approx. 3 weeks...banking days to get to me (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) so that's not so bad. As long as you know what to expect, right? Anyhow..hope you like and as always enlarge the pics :)

All pics are in natural editing, no flash and sadly NO sun. Have a wonderful first day of Spring <3

Thursday, March 13, 2014

MoYou Fairy Plate and OPI INT'L Crime Caper

Hi everyone...thought I may as well do something productive since I haven't slept yet :( Ever have one of those nights when you hit the pillow and just CANNOT fall asleep?! Yuck! Anyway...onto my mish mash I bought only one of the new OPI Muppets Collection and still am baffled why I picked this one...once in awhile I surprise myself. I guess i've always had a thing for that pearlescent finish..<3
So OPI INT'L Crime Caper had a decent formula..looked like it was frosty but not too bad. I used three coats and you can still see VNL; I didn't mind it though. Then I layered on my new Spa Ritual Opaline Luminary flakey matte topcoat. Soooo pretty!! It's so hard to capture the flakies! I put on a couple coats and it didn't take forever to dry..yay! Then I stuck on some Glitter Gal Galaxy Holo Topcoat..enough already, right? lol That's amazing..although it's super thick so I just plopped in a few drops of Seche Restore and it was scattered holo perfection! If you love scattered holo you NEED this in your stash....can't recommend it enough. Then I stamped with my new MoYou Fairytale Collection-01 Plate..just adorable!! I have to say that my vision was different when I imagined using these images..i'm not totally in love with how it turned out but it's ok. I stamped with Spa Ritual Endless Possibilities..a super vampy blackened plum. I never expected it to stamp so well as it's on the jelly side but Osmium was the same! Pleasantly surprised :) Almost forgot...layered ONE more Ritual Imagination. But I only layered it over the stamped area. It's a beautiful that is very difficult to describe but the most obvious thing is the insane aqua shimmer!! LOVE it. Make sure to enlarge the photos :)

Well I hope you like! Feel free to ask any questions...I always love hearing from people :) Please excuse if i've forgotten anything..brain isn't working properly with no sleep. Have a wonderful day <3

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Glittery Butterflies

Hi everyone! I have a new mani to post today :) I was playing with some new polish' lastnight and I came up with some blingy butterflies. The base is Venique (a Cosmoprof polish I checked out) Dashing in My Stilettos. It's a great purple shimmer with a nice 2 coat formula. Then I sponged down the middle Orly Bubbly Bombshell. It so sparkly in person but sadly didn't translate very well in pics. I also sponged on Morgan Taylor DayDream..think CG Luxe and Lush but smaller flakes with pink and purple. Then I stamped with Pueen39 and Rimmel Zing. Lastly I went in and dotted on Venique Hi-Tops in Motion (a textured coral/gold shimmer) on the butterfly wings and just random dots. I actually liked how this turned reminds me of something I would have gotten done years ago on my big toe at one of the local sweat shops...oops, I meant salons. I think most of you know what I mean ;) Anywho....on with the pics!
Make sure to enlarge the much better that way :)

 The two pics above are in natural sun as usual :(
 This pic I edited a was so hard to accurately show all the glitter and color!! This looks more purple than it really's more leaning magenta and the butterflies just pop with all the sparkles.
 I know it's hard to tell but hopefully you can see where I sponged Orly Bubbly Bombshell...I loved this all by itself too! Almost looked like the beginning of a galaxy mani :)
And lastly here's Venique Dashing in My Stilettos on it's own.
Hope you like! Let me know if you prefer me to break down what I did with each picture rather than writing it all out in the beginning...I aim to please ;) Have a great Hump Day!!! <3